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I've Always been a Blondie Fan...

Darling welcome back to my blog. It’s Friday and the day after an election and all the political drama, this is a light relief and an opportunity to talk to you about an outfit.

When it comes to the looks I show you, sometimes I plan an outfit fastidiously and other times it just happens. In the case of this little peach I got all the elements separately and just put it together as I put it on. I want to talk to you about that process today.

I will say that I have always been scared of the colour yellow, believing it to be too bright for my skin tone. However as always I am proved to be wrong and this is a great colour for me. As you probably know by now I love a good suit, and this number from River Island is perfect for summer with it’s looser fit and cropped length.

I like to pair a suit with a more relaxed top so that it doesn’t look like you are a wedding guest. So I have paired it with this Blondie Tee that breaks up the yellow and brings in another colour to help me style the rest of the look.

So it seems that I may have given in to the band tee trend although most of these I do hate (see the other trends that I hate here). However, I have always loved Blondie (Heart of Glass is a personal fave) and I like how simple the design is, no stupid split, frayed hems or distressed parts here. So finally a band tee I can get on board with.

I took the red accent from the T-shirt and decided that I would run this through to the accessories. I have had these shoes for AGES (and by ages I mean maybe 3 years) and have just never worn them, this outfit seemed to be the prefect opportunity.

Finally my piste de resistance if you like is my new Khu Khu fan from the new Social Butterfly Collection. This Red Papillon goes so well with my outfit and was perfect for the 28°C weather when I shot this look. Fans are the perfect accessory for this summer, and the resemblance to butterfly wings is such a lovely touch, and they flutter up a beautiful breeze. Shop the full collection as well as all the other designs over at

Sometimes the best things come together naturally and I love it. Outfits like this always seem to work out as the most comfortable not just physically but mentally too !!

That’s all from me today, its been a busy week for me so I intend to relax a little bit... I hope you all have glorious weekends !!


The fan in this post was gifted, I am affiliated with Khu Khu. However, all opinions are my own.


Shot by the gloriously talented Claudia Palčova

What I’m wearing:


Shoes: Super old, Similar



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