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Hi darling, let’s get the obvious out of the way, yes I am indeed wearing a dress. Right, form the get-go, why the hell not?

I feel like one of the things that I am constantly talking about is the blatant ridiculous nature of people clambering to labels in clothes and the way that this governs their life and choices. If this is you read on, if you are on board with doing whatever the hell you want then just enjoy the pictures hun, you get a free pass this week- well done you.

However, if you have a problem with me wearing a dress then read on. WAKE UP, people have climbed sodding mount Everest for christ sake, and I’m pretty sure people will have told them they shouldn’t, yet they DID THAT. Therefore it follows that if you like a garment, why would you let the gendered section of a store/website tell you if you should or shouldn’t wear it.

The label in my Monki dress just says Monki and the size, there is no gender, and there was no gendering process when I ordered it either- so what is stopping you. Maybe I am more open to this or because I view gender as a non-binary entity, meaning that gender exists on a fluid scale. This is not fake news, this is just fact. I am not going anywhere and I really love me in this dress, so GET INTO IT.

The more passion, knowledge and awareness you gain the angrier you tend to get. I am not aiming to insult anyone, and if the opinions and alternate ideas that I am presenting make you feel negative in any way that is a good thing because I am offering a debate, which is HEALTHY and so important. The most important part of having a platform is the way in which you use it if I can create a healthy debate with some words that are so helpful in the advancement in all our lives.

Think about it... I’m off to go swoosh a bit more in my dress - have fun kids and I’ll see you all soon.

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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