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Ms. Jones I presume

Hola my darlings, in a new monthly spot on I am looking at the way I dress and discussing trends and what the hell it all means. I can't help but wonder; is dressing on trends trendy anymore ?? This new monthly spot entitled Sartorial Inspirations seeks out outfit ideas from outside the sphere of current trends and must buy pieces, for a little more fun in the wardrobe department.

Quite obviously I notice trends, realistically these days it is impossible not to see trends whether it be on Instagram or Love Island, trends are everywhere. As Anna Wintour famously declared 'fashion is more of a trickle up these days' implying that street culture has more impact on Fashion than designers themselves.

What do trends mean to us? Are they important or even relevant? One trend that has floated around this season is pink and red, notably from influencers, Net-A-Porter and possibly Balenciaga. So I am wearing pink and red today. However I am not wearing it because of a trend, no no my dear reader this is much more interesting.

My inspiration for my look today comes from Samantha Jones in season 6 of Sex and the City who had a pink and red moment that I knew I wanted to try. Samantha has to be my favourite character in SATC, I love her assertiveness, her bluntness and most of all her boldness when it comes to her looks. It may sound odd but a fictional character is one of my inspirations when it comes to dressing.

You may think I have spun off on some bonkers tangent that involved two colours and Samantha Jones, I haven't. My point here is that every day we are presented with trends and with fast fashion being reasonably priced these days most things are within our reach which means being on trend is quite safe.

Having a different inspiration for your look (in my humble opinion) means you are being more independent, less sheep like. It also means that you have more to add to the conversation, a different stance on how we should dress. However, this also highlights that nothing is really new, and there will always be someone who has done it first. However, when it comes to dressing, I would rather emulate an iconic character from a landmark series than dress like someone I saw on Instagram.

Ironically looking back is the new looking forwards.

That's all from me today, I am at LFW today and over the weekend so if you are around say Hi, or proffer me food and hydration, either way it would be lovely to see you!! I will see you all next week !!

Shot by Rachel Pechey

Shop My Look:

Jacket: ASOS Top: New Look, Sold Out

Trousers: M&S, In Pink

Sunglasses: Tom Ford


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