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Pay Attention to ME

It may just be me but I feel like plus size anything -whether it be people or clothes- as a rule, is hidden and not talked about. I am never one to be marginalised so let's talk about this. This seems even more poignant after LFW seemed to lack diversity both in size and race. Why is mainstream fashion so obsessed with thin white women.

I sometimes feel that I am being punished for just being bigger than most people. I appreciate that fashion fashion is showcased on certain sizes only, and that no amount of protest will get that changed any time soon. However, I don’t understand why the representation of larger frames is non-existent.

I adore fashion magazines but there is hardly ever a plus-size model featured. When there is they are either not styled or they are wearing custom made garments- making plus size fashion seem only okay if it is astronomically expensive. No effort is made for larger frames, and so when it comes to dressing myself it is so much harder than it is for thinner people. I cannot walk into a store and hope to pick something up to buy straight away. I don’t and cannot buy clothes in 7/10 UK stores because they don’t make it easy.

There is more acceptance in the industry but there isn’t the diverse range that smaller sizes seem to afford. Why am I being punished because society says I am larger than I should be, I cannot change myself overnight. How healthy is it for an industry to make me feel bad about myself EVERY DAY? I am a confident person but there are often times where I feel really self-conscious and struggle with my image.

Where credit is due, I will give it and there are some great plus retailers out there. However, I do have some issues. Beyond basics and somewhere just short of show-stopping items, there is very little choice. Everyday plus clothes are either achingly simple or so fussy I would rather wear my curtains. What I am asking for isn’t a miracle, but more diversity in plus ranges, more acceptance, and trend lead pieces at the same time as everyone else. Oh and one more thing whilst I’m here; shorter sleeves. Some retailers increase measurements everywhere when scaling clothes up- I have a larger waist, not longer arms hun.

Okay so actually I haven’t finished. Materials used in some plus clothing is generally kind of crappy and looks cheap or it's dated. I don’t need everything to be oversized, I actually want things to fit me and look good, so drapey this and wafty layers that are not what I want Carol. Then if by all miracles someone has managed to get a a piece to market without crap fabric, long sleeves, huge proportions or bonkers frills all over the place then it is cripplingly expensive. I don’t want to take out a mortgage for a nice pair of trousers.

Examples of great clothes that are too expensive come from Asos Curve, Violetta, River Island Plus, and Navabi. Why are the so many opportunities for change to happen, yet nothing seems to be done. So what I am asking for is some acceptance, some diversity and some ACKNOWLEDGMENT. Thats all.

Shot on Film and Digital by Rachel Pechey with additional photography by Myself

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Jacket: River Island Plus, Similar

Top: ASOS Curve, Similar

Jeans: DIY

Sandals: Birkenstock

Sunglasses: Tom Ford


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