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Quite often I struggle to get dressed in the morning, I find looking at the same selection of clothes to be uninspiring and dull. Add into the mix, putting together looks for my blog, it can be so difficult to find clothes to wear.

One of the things I quite often forget is the power of reinterpretation, and how I can rework the same pieces into something fresh and fun. All of the pieces I am showing you this look have been featured on my blog before,

All featured looks are linked at the end of this post

No-one has ever told me I cannot re-wear an item of clothing, yet I held myself to that and I used to only wear things on my blog once, and up and till now I have maintained that rule. However, I realised that is just RIDICULOUS, and what was more bonkers was my three wear rule- statement pieces (such as this jumper, this jumper and oh yeah this jumper) would only get three wears, before they would never be re-worn and consigned to a life in my wardrobe. I’m sorry but where did I get such STUPID notions about how I should dress.

This year has seen a marked change in how and what I buy. I invested in some plain staples such as simple cotton jumpers, plain trousers and clean accessories. I built myself a wardrobe of staples that allow me to rotate and swap out some of my more bold pieces.

This outfit is very simple and minimal and could feature any of my more standout pieces. I really love this shirt, and have worn it over and over agin because why the heck not, clothes were always meant to be worn. Re-wearing something only shows how much you love your choice (not because it was at the top of the clean washing pile, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE).

Clothes are fun, and how and what you dress should not be another thing to beat yourself up with. I relaxed and stopped worrying about what people thought, and that has boosted my confidence and meant I got my monies worth- you can finally be proud of my shopping habits Mum !!!

So here is a challenge for you, grab something you love to wear from your wardrobe, and style it with different pieces, go on its easy ! Let me know how it goes…

See you on Friday kids ...


Featured looks:


Shot by Claudia Palčova

What I'm Wearing

Shirt: ASOS, Similar

Jeans: DIY

Shoes: Adidas

Sunglasses: Gucci

Clutch: Zatchels, Similar


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