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So you want to be a blogger?

Hello DARLING, and welcome to the penultimate post of Growth Month. So as you are probably aware I have been banging on about my 3 year anniversary. We started by looking at enjoying our celebration, and last week I looked the evolution of my style. Today will be no different.

In 2016 the blogger bubble had well and truly burst. In short, the market was saturated. Yet I still took the plunge and threw my own two penneth into the melange of promoted posts and weight loss tea. That laxatives disguised as tea are still a thing on Instagram, makes me so angry, but that is another post in its self.

Would I do it again now? In short YES. However, there are a few pieces of advice I would give,. So if you fancy being a .com, then I suggest you have a read.

Have a genuine point of view

This may sound obvious, but in reality, is the very crux of being a blogger. We are all very unique, but how many truly unique blogs to you encounter. I was recently flicking through some Style Blogger You should follow posts, and they were genuinely ALL THE SAME.

So in order to stand out and actually garner a loyal and engaged readership, flaunt your uniqueness, because that is what the world needs to see.

Be consistent

This is actually SO important. I know we are all busy, and life can really get in the way. If you post 6 posts one week, and then none for 3 weeks, it becomes very hard to engage. Your readers need to know they can rely on you for content, so they return to your website.

You can be flexible, but try and maintain a sense of consistency in your output.

Take inspiration, never copy

Other bloggers can offer huge amounts of inspiration if they are doing something new and fun, why not allow that to filter into your working. However, just because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery in most areas of life, it is not the case in the blogger world.

We all work so hard on our content, and who you see your original thoughts and ideas recycled or tweaked, it's very frustrating. So try and see other peoples work as a starting point, and allow your unique thoughts and ideas to develop this.

Support other bloggers

If you don’t love other blogs and bloggers, why are you trying to be one? You genuinely have to love the game to become a player, otherwise, there is really no point!!!

So supporting the ones you love, will help you gain support. Like we all love to share other peoples posts on Instagram, this is the same network that will help bring you new readers!

Have Fun

Probably the most important thing of all. Yes, this is work and emotional labour, and it can be a burden. Yet at all times it has to be fun, and deep down I can always say I adore creating the content I do. So make sure that you are always having fun.


So you have read my advice, and if you still think you want to put fingers to keys and become a blogger, then I have one more piece of advice for you.


Until next week darlings!


Shot by Rachel Pechey

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