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Super Shy but Pushing through it

No don’t worry, I’m not actually Julia Morris.

Today I want to talk about being an omnivert. Okay, so what is an omnivert you may ask?

Well according to Urban dictionary, that oh so reliable source of knowledge, an omnivert is

“Someone who is an introvert and extrovert. Can be extremely introverted when presented with situations they don’t want to be in or don’t care about, but on the other hand can be the life of the party when they are enjoying themselves and want to be there. Both a very quiet, reserved person and loud, outgoing”

If you know me, then you know.

Coming to terms with the two sides of my personality can be tricky. Sure enough in a lot of situations, I am very loud and will be the centre of attention. However, I can also be incredibly quiet, I take AGES to reply to texts and emails, and shy. YES I, BEN am SHY.

It may come as a surprise but sometimes I use my outward personality and appearance to cover the fact that I am uncomfortable, out of my depth, nervous, with thoughts of irrelevance and am quite often unhappy.

I know I’m not alone. Is this you too?

Well just like Julia Morris, I am super shy but pushing through it. I have some very exciting things coming up, and my achievements make me proud of who I am and thus make it possible to have confidence in myself.

So my dear omniverts, next time you doubt yourself; remember all that you have achieved. Write it down, talk about it with a friend, and remember how great YOU are.

With that, I am signing off for this week.

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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