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Supermarket Sweep - Home Edition

Welcome back to slow fashion month. Today I want to talk to you about the amazing potential your own wardrobe has. Now I am well aware that not all of you have the number of clothes that I have, but I am sure that some of you will.

I am very guilty of being someone who puts a lot of weight in the idea of new clothes. Every special occasion required a new outfit. Doing something special? Well, that must require a new outfit.

Fashion Week is a classic example of how I always used to assume that I needed a fresh set of looks for every season. Meaning that I would buy a set of looks that I would only wear once. Where after they were washed or dry cleaned they would sit in my wardrobe(s) forevermore.

So quite quickly you can build upon a mass of clothes that really have a lot of potential left in them. To leave them there whilst you continue to shop is basically a crime against the world. I am not saying you can only wear what you have forever. Just perhaps when you come up to an event or day that requires you to look smart, start at your own collection of garments first.

Look through what you have, lay it all out on the floor, and really investigate what you have. I guarantee there will be things there that you have only worn once, or even never at all. With a little imagination and style, you will be able to whip things into new concoctions that will be just as stylish as anything sitting in a shop.

Start slow, and take things you wear a certain way, and put them with a new partner. Split suits up - and wear a jacket with your favourite pair of jeans for a great casual family day look. Throw a t-shirt under a smart dress, and suddenly you have a great day look. It is really simple and easy to begin to give new leases of life to things you already own.

This is a great way for you to buy less, and get all the use out of what you have already own. Yes, this reduces the strain on the planets already listed resources. But it also ensures you get your monies worth out of your wardrobe.

Embrace the idea that you already have the look you need in your wardrobe. Shop less and spend less, have your very own supermarket sweep in your wardrobe.

Until next time my darlings...

Shot by Rachel Pechey

At Beaumaris Pier and Beach, Anglesea, Wales


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