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The Ben Pechey Awards Part 2

Today is some of the poorer moments from the year, recapping some of the unfortunate choices that I have made over the last year !!

Worst Weather

The winner of this award is Colour Block Brutalism, the rain and the wind that you can’t see was monumental. By the end of that shoot, I was so cold, damp and windblown.

Worst Purchase

This has to go to the bag from Mango I wore for the first day of LFW. I have never used it again. So if you like it let me know - because it is very much in need of a new home !!

Worst Moment

For me one of the most honest and open posts I wrote was Frustration, and all of the things that bother me are still is true to this day- so for me, this was the worst moment of this year.

Worst Sense of Direction

Quelle surprise, but I actually am hopeless at knowing where I am and where I'm going. Long story short; myself and the lovely Claudia were on the way to Margate for some research for uni. We got off the train where we thought we were supposed to be- only it turned out that we had got off at the town before !! So New Neutrals shot at Westgate on Sea was my Worst Sense of Direction moment this year as we had to walk for nearly an hour to get where we needed to be !!!

Worst Outfit

Now, this was hard to decide upon, but I have decided to pick the outfit I wore in What's Wrong with being Confident. This is purely because I have never worn these pieces in this way again. Also, ankle boots and culottes is not a thing !!!


This concludes the Ben Pechey Awards and my walk down memory lane for the year. I hope you have enjoyed my little frolic into my archives.

Tomorrow I am back for post number 4 of my epic Anniversary week, see you then !!


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