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The Ben Pechey Awards Part 1

It's Wednesday, and I'm here again. As it's my anniversary week I wanted to celebrate some of my favourite moments from the past year. What better way to do this than an awards ceremony !! Today I am going to count down the best posts from this year.

Best Advice

The one article that has helped me the most whilst writing for my site is Perspectives: There is always a Silver Lining. It is clear that over the year I have grown in confidence, but there will always be ups and downs and this post will be one to return to.

Best Performance

The best performance has to go to my A Suit is more than just a Suit. I shot that in 20 minutes and did the changes one after the other in public (because why not) and had trousers under my trousers !! So that gets my Best Performance Award.

Best Actor

The Blogger Wears Pinstripes is the recipient of this Award. It was SO BLOODY COLD, and what's more, I am wearing backless shoes. However, you cannot tell that is why this post wins !!!

Best Breakfast

No contest was my breakfast in Breakfast Stacks and Breton Stripes was hands down the best breakfast I have had this year and that is saying a lot.

Best Rant

Hands down winner is Clothes are just clothes, and I stand by this, go and read it now if you haven’t already !!

Best Buy

Honey, the best purchase of this year was my Gucci Sunglasses, as featured in the post throwing shade. I have really gotten my money worth out of these.

Best Outfit

I had to really search for my favourite outfit as there have been so many.

So the nominations are:

Go Your Own Way

Spice Up Your Life

I’ve Always been a Blondie Fan

and the winner is …


I know it’s not the one you thought that I would pick, but I felt so happy in that outfit, I love a tonal colour palate. This was the one outfit that snapped me out of my black phase !!

So that's today's walk down the anniversary red carpet. Tomorrow I am going to count down my worst moments - so head back here same time same place!


As Always all of the posts are linked, just click on the images to re-visit the original posts...


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