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The Blogger with the Pearl Earrings and other Great Masterpieces


That was quite the opener you will agree. You may have sensed a more casual air in the looser style of my introduction, which can only mean it is time for one of the biggest pieces of journalistic prowess you will ever have the chance to read.

Only joking, it is time for February’s IN MY MIND post, where I take a rummage through my mind and the month. Who knows what I will end up talking about, keep reading to find out.

By now I think that you know I create my content a month in advance, so I created all of February’s content in January. Which means I have surfed through the sales like a Malibu native. Out of all the things that I ended up purchasing, the thing that I have fallen in love with the most have been a pair of fingerless gloves.

Essentially a column of knitted pleasure, with a hole for your thumb and another for the remaining 4 fingers. Encapsulating my wrists, palms and knuckles in a delicious warmth.

I am aware that you know what gloves are, the joy lingers in my situation.

I work from home and write/use my laptop 8/10 hours a day. Home is a Georgian building with draughts and in the day due to fuel prices quite a chilly place to be. Having my new gloves has meant that I have typed up a storm in pleasant warmth. WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Talking of money, I want to talk about emotional labour. This is the effort we expel in ensuring the well-being of others, ourselves and the environment we are in. Imagine if we were remunerated for this labour like we are for more recognised forms of labour. Darling, we would all be very comfortable.

I bring this up because I am a heavy user of Instagram stories, I create a string of videos daily and do this because I know it brings pleasure to so many people. On days when I feel that I haven’t really achieved anything, I remind myself of the emotional labour I have given to the world, via my social presence.

I am not asking to be paid for what I do. I think that we should all be more mindful of the creatives that we interact with online. The content that you love and interact with, the person that you direct message and the stories you love to swipe through all has cost someone emotionally.

Be kind with your interactions, share love, and thank people for what they provide. Interaction on our accounts really is a nice pat on the back for everything we do. So heading into March, I would love is to be all more aware of other people’s emotional labour.

Another form of labour is wearing heels.

This is something that I have brought very slowly into my life. I have a couple of pairs of boots that I love to wear. The stereotype of wearing heels is that it brings a feeling of being a woman. I disagree with this because I don’t see heels being a female object, instead, I see them as a powerful artefact of gender diffusion.

I am communicating to the world that I am free of the constraints of binary gender, and am choosing how I express who I am. At first, I was wobbly on my feet, but now I strut with confidence, I would love to wear them all day long, but alas my poor feet cannot cope yet. I am at the stage where I am pushing through the pain. This is so worth it because of the confidence they give me. I really love how I feel in heels, and enjoyed the journey of adjustment, getting used to the feeling and now bask in the glorious feelings they provide.

Getting used to something new is a theme that I have experienced with today’s earrings choice. They are from the amazing July Child jewellery. They are freshwater pearls, on a gold clip. I waited for SO long for them to come back in stock, we are talking 5 months. I snapped them up the minute Sinead let me know they were in stock.

The minute they arrived I put them on. I am being totally honest, when I looked in the mirror I was totally shocked, I wasn’t as keen as I though I would be. I didn’t wear them, I left them in their box unsure what to do. I felt so guilty because I basically harassed Sinead. However, I realised that I was wrong. I did like them, I had just gotten so used to seeing HUGE earrings in my lobes, that somehow something this delicate and precious looked out of place.

When I readdressed my feelings, putting them in my ears for this look, I saw them looking amazing, exactly how I had imagined they would. They are a breath of fresh air, compared the equally stunning clonckers that normally dangle from my face. I am obsessed with how they look, and their simple and delicate nature. I now know that I am going to get so much wear out of these pearl earrings which I knew all along. If you have a moment, you have to check out Sinead’s amazing store, she has absolutely EXQUISITE pieces that are so unique.

I normally consider how much I will wear something when I purchase it. When I purchased the jeans that I am wearing today, I was worried that I might not get that much wear out of them. However, I am here to tell you that cream wide leg jeans are THE jeans of 2019. I am ridiculously obsessed with the way that they look. They are so versatile, the perfect combination of smart and casual.

I have never considered a denim wide leg because I lived through a time when everyone was obsessed with those wide leg skater jeans, you know the ones with the chains? I blame Avril Lavine. So wide leg denim has always seemed very scary to me. I have no fears anymore, as I ADORE these jeans. They are Autograph from Marks and Spencer, with really good quality denim. I mean Autograph jeans, in general, are GREAT, the split jeans from this post, are also Autograph.

Quite honestly I am in love.

That is February, over and done with on, I shall see you all fresh and ready in March.

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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Jumper: M&S, Similar

Jeans: M&S, Similar

Boots: New Look, Similar

Sunglasses: Céline, Similar

Earrings: July Child


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