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The Dangers of Nostalgia

Nostalgia is having a real moment right now.

Looking back is the new looking forwards, with everything we do seemingly taking note from things past. This is the case in fashion, on television, music, and in wider trends. This is no bad thing and is certainly something that resonates with me right now.

Graduating this year and taking the leap into the big wide world of uncertainty has been hard. Not knowing what is next is tough, I’m sure on that you can all agree. So for me nostalgia, in essence, is revisiting the things from my past, ergo my childhood is an exercise in comfort. That warm feeling of sitting down to a Disney Classic from the 90s, is unparalleled, because of how it makes you feel.

In the wider word Nostalgia has been all the rage in Fashion, with brands like Chanel and Versace revisiting iconic moments from their history and refiguring it for 2018. This can be taken in 2 ways, firstly and commercially, it is to celebrate the success and history of a brand, knowing it will sell, and of course to make more money. Both with myself and brands, the second reason could be seen as a reaction to the world we live in.

Certainly, politics in America, the UK and Europe have of late been scary. The US is being run by a power-mad fool. We are lucky enough to escape him but are currently boarding HMS Brexit, and no one quite knows how that is going to go. Thus this redux of nostalgia could be seen as reactionary to the events that are currently shaping our world.

A similar theme in my behaviour is re-watching. As I sit and type this I have just started watching Friends again, and I am re-watching the Crown. Instead of trying something new, and there are plenty of options out there, I return to the familiar. I forgo the chance of enjoying something new, to reduce the risk of not liking something.

Nostalgia holds a powerful emotional hold over us, and in some senses can be bittersweet as it reminds us what we had, not what we have. On the whole, it allows us a chance for comfort and happiness, as a tool for masking what is happening around us. Which raises the question; is nostalgia bad for us? Is it possible that if we carry on looking back we will lose sight on the future?

At this juncture, I must highlight that I really don’t know. As with everything in our lives, perhaps it is wise to consume nostalgia in moderation. Allowing it to provide the comfort and pleasure we need, but leaving enough time to be present in 2018, to focus on what is happening now.

Only time will tell…

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Shot by Rachel Pechey

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