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Why are we so Bothered about Everyone Else?

It’s one of those funny things however well we try to focus on ourselves, we always get bogged down in what and how other people are doing. I myself am an emotional sponge and find my mood is very easily altered by others, especially when measuring success. I was sat thinking about this over Christmas, whilst watching the Holiday for the 100th time, looking through Instagram and wondering why so many people were doing so well, and why they deserved that success.

I guess I could call this a hang-up of mine, seeing the brilliance in others and not myself. What you must forgive me of is success blindness, I only see this moment of measurable success (something like social media following and reach) and forget the effort and happiness that my own effort has brought me.

Indeed, whilst being entertained by Kate, Cameron, Jack and peak Jude, he never gets better than this. I began to get angry at other people’s success, only seeing how well they were doing and not how well I am doing. I focus so much on other people and really forget myself and my success. I don’t think that social media is a great place for comparison because there are certain things that propel exposure and some form of success, whereas I really aim to be a little more than an image on a feed.

I pride myself on a little thing called integrity, defined as ‘the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles’. I insert this in here as it is something that I have tried to remind myself of when I become bogged down in other people. I am only accountable for myself. I can measure my success based on the achievements I have accomplished. I also remind myself that the achievements I have made, have come from my work ethic and in turn my integrity.

I get so stressed and anxious about what other people are doing and will be doing, I forget what I have done and what I am going to do. It is so silly but I have to forcibly remind myself to focus on me and to forget other people. I can focus on my own endeavours so much better when I give myself undivided attention and positive attention at that.

So I am going to stop worrying about everyone else and focus on me! It is a simple as that, if you to get similar feelings then just remind yourself, to focus on you.

Thank you so much for joining me today, I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you next week.

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