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Don't Be Modest...

I know what you're thinking, it's just an attention grabbing title that really has no bearing on the actual post, but no dear reader that is where you are wrong (unless of course you weren't thinking that at all in which case you are neither wrong or right and ah I'm all confused).

Modesty is defined as the quality or state of being unassuming in the estimation of one's abilities. In other words playing your talents down, reducing your apparent worth as a person, how can this be healthy?

You are your only flag bearer in this life, and if you go through life being modest I believe you will always be truly less than your full self. Modesty can really dull your shine, and it is imperative that you don't let this happen. So I will repeat that statement: Don't be modest. I deeply believe in it, being completely honest no one cares about you (I do, obviously dear reader). You have to show others how amazing you are,modesty will only get in the way of that. So stop being modest, self depreciating and, quiet about your self.

Now I must clarify here I am not advocating rudeness, nor am I giving the green light to have disrespect and reproachfulness towards others. What I am simply stating here is that as much love that you give to others you must expect back, I know that might sound selfish but I truly believe that people respect a strong and honest individual. It is not a lot to expect from others, especially if you respect them as individuals then at the very least these feelings should be reciprocated, but no one will do that if you continue to be modest.

That is not to say that this process is an easy one, far from it. In fact you have start firstly by (cliché alert) loving yourself, so much modesty that I have seen in others goes to a lack of self love and unsureness in themselves. I also must stress here that I am not a perfect person in any way and that some of my days are filled with apprehensions and uncertainties surrounding my self and my purpose.

Reducing my modest tendencies and being proud of who and what I am is so empowering that it is so worth your while just dipping your toes into the sea of non modest behaviour. Something as simple as when being complimented just say thank you, don't play it down and you must not refuse said complement. It's a simple way to make sure you thrive and succeed like you know you truly should.

I guess a lot of these issues come from what we have been taught, being modest is socially expectable, but why can I not blow my own trumpet, why can I not be more confident ?

Being modest is a social norm and its accepted as the preferred way of behaving in public and with others. I say this to you; just as rules are meant to be broken, social norms are there to be challenged and broken. In simple terms no one will thank you for declining that complement or for not seeing how fabulous you are, you are the only one who looses out. So come on and join me in giving modesty the finger.

Try it, go on see how it can affect how you feel towards your self and others. Let me know how it goes...

Bye darlings 💋


Also massive thank you to my mega babe Laura for this amazing mug, it was so appropriate so thank you so much 💋💋💋

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