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University Essentials...

I am a big fan of a list, and so through my platform I wish to impart some of my favourite things. This post is very topical, so a whole week after the A-level results I thought I would weigh in on university essentials.

Its this time of year again, people are getting ready to go to university, congratulations on your results everyone if you are heading off to university the first time this year. Welcome back to returning students and if you aren’t going to university well done to you too (just view this post as home essentials). Now many posts and shops will be flogging you drying racks, duvets and spoons well I’m not going to be doing that. I am going to assume that you are a rational and reasonable person and have already considered those things and know that at some point you will need to buy some mugs too. This post is about the things that will make your time at university more pleasant and comfortable. So if you are after storage solutions and cheap china stop reading now, and get your self down to Wilko...

Reed Diffuser

So if you are in Halls or even in private rented accommodation odds are that candles will be banned which is sad. However get yourself a reed diffuser and you can have weeks and weeks of scent that will eradicate the indiscernible smell that belongs to student accommodation, it will also impress all your new flat mates as they will think you are incredibly classy/put together and lets face it who doesn’t like to make a good impression. Its also a good thing for forgetful people like me who cannot remember to blow candles out and inadvertently cause fires, which is bad. This is one of my favourites from next, it has sweet tones and really lasts, I’ve had this for over 3 months (I turn my reeds very week).

Choose yours here

Comfy Blanket

Honey, you have no idea how many times my big blanket saved me in my first year. Feeling ill, wrap your self up in it. Want to look fancy/hide all your rubbish, lay it artfully over your bed. Run out of clean clothes, wear it is a dress, just belt it and go. So you see how versatile this piece is, but in all seriousness it helps so much when you are away from home that your surroundings are really cosy and comfortable and a really comfy blanket can really help. This particular one is from Dunelm Mill and it washes really well, if you happen to spill anything on it, I obviously did.

Get it here

Favourite DVDs / Television

Now this is an obvious one, but I want to reiterate it here. Having films that you really love and are comforting make a huge difference when you feel a little low, miss home, are ill or are hungover. My favourites for a cosy evening are The Devil Wears Prada, Bridget Jones' Diary and Die another Day (yes admittedly an odd mix). Also a great thing to get is Amazon Student which is FREE, yes FREE for 6 months and then its half price for a year so around £30. That gets you access to hundreds of films, good ones, not straight to DVD ones. Also amazon original series and great boxsets of series such as The X-files. Its cheaper than Netflix and after the 6 months you can just cancel it !!!


It might be something that you have overlooked, but I am a HUGE fan of plants and flowers. I believe that they breath positivity into a room. They make a huge difference when you live in just one room like you do at university. I have fresh flowers every week and plenty of plants. They are very inexpensive and all you need to do is to remember to water them. As you can see I have a varied selection, the 2 tree/bushy things (technical I know) were £1 each from Ikea, so plants do not have to be expensive. Also shout out to Sheila the Orchid (in the right hand corner) for surviving far beyond my expectations, I am a bad mother to you !!

Browse Ikea's selection here

Motivational/Funny/Inspiration/Photo Frames

This is another very inexpensive way to cheer up your surroundings. You can just write out your own quotes and print them out, or buy some humorous cards and just buy a simple frame for it to make a piece of really effective art. The black and white one was a beautiful gift from my beautiful friend Becky, she knows me so well. I think they are a great way to really perk up your room.

Get similar cards here and browse your frame options here


So that concludes my Top 5 University Essentials/things you might want even if you are not going to university… Hope it helps, and tag me in your purchases, I am so nosey like that…

Until the next time my darlings, and good luck my loves...

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