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Stress Busters...

Welcome dear reader to another Top 5, this time we are tackling stress. Now I am not sure if I have ever mentioned on this platform before that I do suffer from Stress and its related symptoms. Especially around deadline week (which is just around the corner *gasp*) and starting new projects I find that I am very susceptible to stress, this post is very apt as my schedule is HECTIC at the moment. However, as I have adapted and grown to the scenarios I face I have developed ways in which I can try and tackle these feelings to help me feel like I am on top.

So without further ado lets get into this people…

Buy Flowers

It may sound odd, but bear with me because I am experienced in the world of stress (to some degree, although I have no qualifications in the area so I am by no means an expert). Flowers I find add a really calming element in the room/house/flat/cave that you work in, and although they cannot stop you being stressed I feel that they reduce the amount of stress you suffer from. Also its good to have something alive where you work to bring freshness to the space…


I feel that this may be more obvious than flowers, but its a great way to help you prioritise your work and it helps you to work out what you need to get done today, and what you can leave until tomorrow. I really break up all my tasks so that quite quickly I can get things ticked off, which helps with a sense of achievement and reduces the feeling that you haven’t done enough. I use list pads from Paperchase so that it keeps them neat, so that it doesn’t add to my stress levels (yeah I'm a complex character).

Get the pads here

Go for a Walk

One from my mum this time and it never fails to help me. When you get to the point where you cannot concentrate, going out for a walk and getting fresh air to ruminate over the things that you are doing helps no end. It is a good idea to just wander (not to much though, be aware of roads kids) don’t restrict yourself to a time, and maybe sit somewhere and juts ponder whats going on from afar and you will find that a new perspective can arise and bloom in front of you.

Have a Shower

Now when a walk just isn’t possible or you don’t feel like it, trust me it happens, then a shower is what you need. Trust me it is liquid sleep, restoring you and literally allowing you to wash the stress away. Take your time, put on some music- where possible remember electricity and water don’t mix- and really unwind. Like with a lot of these ideas they cannot remove the stress but help to ease it.

Stop, take a Break

Obviously very predictable here, but it is not easy for a lot of people to do. I find that some times I spend all day stressing about getting something done, that I never get the thing done. So after a couple of hours if I don’t feel that I have been productive enough and that I am over thinking the task, I stop and take a break. Make yourself a cup of tea, get your favourite biscuits and watch an episode of your favourite show (my choice is obviously going to be Buffy) or read a magazine and don’t even think about the task. Half an hour to an hour out and you will find that when you sit back at your workspace you will be able to refocus and can finally make headway.

I know that these may not work for everyone, but try them because they could make a difference and change thew way you approach your work and responsibilities. If all else fails just remind yourself that if Britney made it though 2007, you can make it through today ❤️...

Until next time my darlings, stay stress free x


With Thanks to Norman the Cockapoo and Archie the Spaniel for their cooperation in this post...

Photography by myself and Rachel Pechey

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