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Everyday is a New Day...

I have touched on this subject before on my blog but I want to focus on it today. I am the type of person who can get stuck inside my own head and that can be so difficult to deal with but I always try to focus on the fact that every day is a new day. Its so easy to let a bad feeling or mood pass from one day to the next like your own personal cloud of negativity, and that is so bad, but if you just try and remember that everyday is a new day.

What I mean here is that no matter how bad today has been, tomorrow is a new day, so let that fact wash over you. You have all the opportunity to make tomorrow amazing, forget all of the negativity of today and move in to a positive mind set. Its like taking a shower, you feel clean and refreshed, thats what a new day means.

This may not always be easy and possible but I think if you always try and keep that mindset it can filter through and make a difference. Thats not to say I don’t have days where I spend the day in the same mood from yesterday, because I do and I am the worst for doing that. However, reminding myself of that I can start a fresh day tomorrow does help me get through the rubbish day I am having.

Sometimes it helps if you can think of all the great things you are going to do/could do tomorrow that will help make it an even better day, and you can really focus on those things to rejuvenate your mindset and emotional wellbeing. If you cannot think of anything call a friend and make some plans to have great day. If you don’t feel like seeing people, then decide to have a film day and pick all the films you want to watch tomorrow, maybe have a Harry Potter marathon, 24 hours is enough time to watch all 8 films !! Invite family to you and cook a meal, plan what you want to cook and go shopping for it. Or decide that tomorrow you will finally tackle your wardrobe/room/garage and have a organisation day, tidying and sorting can bring calm and order to me so maybe it would work for you…

Go on try it, it can’t hurt. Make tomorrow amazing because it is a new day. Trust me it is so influential on having a more positive relationship with yourself and the world around you.

I hope I have inspired you to do something amazing tomorrow, even if you have already got a horrible day planned tomorrow, make sure you embrace the newness of that day and all the possibilities it has for you. The power is in your hands...

Until next week, stay positive my darings xx


Photography by the fabulous Pavlina Slavova

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