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Its Hard out Here for a Bitch...

Fashion, we all live our lives with it leading our choices whether we choose it or not. A multi Billion pound industry which supports so many businesses and skills, and has transformed the lives of many. However, does fashion care ? Many even suggest that Fashion is a cruel industry. Can such a commercial behemoth ever really care about you ? How can you feel self love in an industry that suggests change every 6-8 weeks, how can you stay true to you in an environment that seems to care more about the clothes on your back than the thoughts in your mind.

Personally I believe you have 2 choices in this life; to lead or to be led. Fashion tells you how to dress, how to feel and who to be. You can accept that and be happy or you can go against the grain and decide to be who you truly are, and believe in that. Most of the people who choose to be leaders end up in the fashion industry. Fashion therefore is made up of leaders. This can make it hard to feel you have true autonomy of your self within the fashion industry.

It can be overwhelming to feel like no one really cares about you, and what you stand for is nothing special. I guess you could let fashion swallow you whole and bow down to endless rhythm of it all. But why ? Self love is something that comes from within, but can be oppressed by greater forces, such as the fashion industry.

There is no real reason to feel such self defeat in an industry that offers so much potential. Just because something is hard, doesn't mean you shouldn't try. The fact that it can seem so hard to stay true to yourself, makes me want to try harder, makes me want to have more of a stance about what it means to be me and what I care about. However hard it may seem, never loose sight of your goals and what is important to you.

Self love sometimes starts with honesty. So when it comes to the Fashion industry work out what it is that you don't like, because we all have ugly parts, fashion is no different. Being honest allows you to see the flaws, which then gives you the opportunity to change it. If people are shouting loud, shout louder. If everyone is saying the same thing, say something different. At no point am I suggesting that you be different for different’s sake, make it count to help yourself.

It’s okay to say no. Have values and stick to them, if something doesn't sit right with you say so. One thing that fashion produces is continual controversial and contentious issues. Being caught up in cultural appropriation or conflict over fur is no fun and can weigh you down. If the people that you work with respect you, you can tell them what's wrong before it happens. Sometimes fear of problems cause problems. Being open and direct will save you more heartache in the long run.

Another really helpful way to find happiness and self love within the fashion industry is to surround yourself with like minded people. The fact is as long as there are enough people that care about the same things as you, and believe me there are, you will find allies. Having one or two people who really get you can make such a difference. If people don't get you, then wherever you are may not be the right place for you. I will add that it can be helpful and healthy to have people that challenge you in a positive way.

So I feel like I have explained a few ways to find self love in a selfish industry, I have a few top tips to help you be a little more protective over who you are;

- Like what you like

- Do what you want

- Don’t care what others think (unless they are paying, then perhaps consider it)

- Be TRUE to who you are and how you really feel

Individuality, the thing that makes you you, can sometimes be overlooked in this industry. This makes it so hard to feel self love, and Lily Allen never knew how applicable her sentiment would be for the fashion industry, because it truly is hard out here for a bitch. However, employing a few simple tactics will put you firmly back on track in your most important relationship- the one you have with yourself.


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