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2023 Outtakes

It’s the start of another year. Time seems to have sped up to a rapid rate - quicker even than a Kardashian-Jenner launching a new product, divorcing, and destroying a cultural artefact - thus we are at the beginning of 2024. Perhaps time feels so much quicker is down to the fast paced nature of the world we live in.

The news is dark, because the world is dark, and time and events seem to come at us quicker than they ever used to. Regardless of what we want - time moves us forwards.

As we wait to see what happens this year, the new year offers us a pause to reflect on the lessons 2023 taught us. As always, I chose to look back and remind myself, and you in turn because you’re reading this you can use my outtakes as a chance to reflect on last year too.

I am constantly thrilled that I am not perfect - and that all I ask of myself is that I try my hardest to do the best for others and myself.

So sit back and enjoy the trips, dark faces, bad angles, poor posture, and tomfoolery of it all…

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