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Perfectly Imperfect

Oh hello darling and welcome to 2023, it feels like a big deal to say that. The start of a new year is a wonderful time to embrace the small fresh start it can offer us.

I’m not about huge swathes of personal change, or soul searching. I don't think that is what the new year is all about. Instead, I think perhaps just looking for a little more serotonin for all of us is a great place to start.

As is tradition, I like to begin the year by looking at life in an imperfect way. We’re not singular perfect linear lifelines, it’s all about the curves and undulations in the road we’re on. Which is the perfect way to introduce my 2022 outtakes, use my trips, sweary shots, poor posture and bad angles to take in last year, and see a new imperfect path for 2023!

I’ll be back next week darlings to help ease you into 2023, but until then, just enjoy the start of the year darlings...

All Images shot by Ruth Pechey & Rachel Pechey

PS: all images are linked to the original posts, so simply tap to revisit any post from 2022...


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